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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Sen. Voinovich: He's Running And Out With 62-Page Report Of Accomplishments

CLEVELAND (TDB) -- Sen. George Voinovich has been telling everyone he plans to run again in 2010, and he's now calling himself "The Champion of Manufacturing." The Cleveland Republican has prepared an annual report listing all his legislative accomplishments in 2007, a 62-page document due for publication next week. But a version got posted on the Senate's web server ahead of time and you can read it here (pdf). On page 43, the former governor and mayor labels himself the "Champion of Ohio Manufacturing," but there's scant detail about any victories the champion has won of late. Here's what he says:

"Manufacturing is responsible for almost 20 percent of Ohio's gross state product; thus, the economic health of Ohio's manufacturers -- both large and small -- is important to the well-being of all Ohioans. Manufacturing employs more than 776,000 Ohio workers and Senator Voinovich continues to work on behalf of manufacturers in the Senate. Significant challenges continue to threaten Ohio's manufacturers from soaring cost for energy and health care to unfair foreign trade practices -- especially from China. Because of these challenges, Senator Voinovich continues to work to strengthen Ohio's manufacturing industry. He is actively working to build an infrastructure of competitiveness to allow our businesses to compete in the global economy and preserve jobs in Ohio by working with his colleagues to address health care, energy and trade issues."

No definition, though, of the "infrastructure of competiveness" that he's building. And inquiring minds are wondering: Has Voinovich been a loud voice in the chorus complaining about shoddy Chinese goods, mistreated workers, slave wages, dictatorship, religious oppression, environmental contamination and the entire menu of human rights violations?


  1. I think that he saw what happened to DeWine in 2006 and is trying to get ahead of the curve now.

  2. Ben --

    Yes, he's moving in that direction and has a fancy new U.S. Senate web site -- which he calls his online office. It's a good tool to communicate with constituents.

  3. Give me a break - George V. is going to get beat just like DeWine - he is only for the rich - this a a manufacturing state and he votes against extension of the unemployment benefits. Ohio has the third highs rate in the country. He was the only senator to vote against this bill in the "rust belt." GOOD BYE George!!!