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Friday, March 21, 2008

The Brits Have Jamie Lee's 'Topless' Photo: All Tease, No T For AARP Mag Cover

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- The "va-va-va boomer!" the AARP is hyping for its bi-monthly magazine's cover story about Jamie Lee Curtis is a complete con job. It's a demeaning effort to sell sex by an organization that should have better manners. The lobbying organization for retired Americans announced on Good Friday that the actress, who is married to an actor who holds British noble title via inheritance, is "posing topless on the cover of the May/June issue of the magazine" distributed to 33 million readers. If she did, the titillating scene the AARP is peddling in its press release is hidden from sight. The photo is tastefully cropped so the skin that AARP is hawking is not visible (see above). Instead, Ms. Curtis -- who turns 50 in November -- mostly reveals in the cover shot that she has a lot of gray hair on her head. Too bad the AARP stooped to appeal to prurient interests.


  1. What a Load a Shit,

    for real, she has a nice set a knockers - 50 or not LOL.

    but what a load a crap - them saying that we get to see them again ( I say again cause i have seen them evertime possible )

    and then we don't?


    1. Totally agree

      I'm sure that she would look nice topless (and also not) but don't say she's topless if the picture is cropped or the water hides 'em

      btw, Jamie is gorgeous with or without clothes imho

      btw x 2, WTH is really super polite and kinda cool in this day and age