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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Clinton Ties Obama In Ohio, Moves Ahead In Texas: Zogby Says Cincinnati Is Keeping Obama In The Game

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Ohio tied: Clinton 44, Obama 44. Texas: Clinton up 3, Clinton 47, Obama 44. The final tracking poll issued by John Zogby for the March 4 Ohio and Texas Democratic presidential primaries shows a shift toward Hillary Clinton. On Monday, Zogby was the nation's sole major pollster showing an Obama lead in Ohio. Today, he says mayor Mark Mallory's endorsement is helping Obama hold the line in Cincinnati. All the numbers are available here. Zogby's analysis of the data he released today:

"In Ohio, there have been no dramatic changes. This has always been close, except that the undecideds are up to 8%, and the increase has come from the Obama column. It looks like a combination of questions raised about Obama's capacity to lead the military, his stance on NAFTA, and questions about ethics have shaved a few points off his support.

"Clinton has not closed the deal yet, but she has picked up some additional support among women. Obama continues to lead in the big cities, and it looks like Cincinnati is keeping him in this game. He has been working it hard and has received the endorsement of the mayor there. But Clinton has opened up a big lead among Catholics -- which, translated, means white ethnics."


  1. I think I may be one of the few left that still like Mark Mallory (even though his silence on the school levy angered me). But his endorsement of Obama made no difference to me. Cincinnati has become more liberal as the conservatives move out to the 'burbs anyway. One of the few benefits of a less than robust growth rate, I'd say.

  2. Zogby has been on crack this election cycle. I take their results with a grain of salt the size of the salt storage dome off Reading Road!

  3. I wonder how much actual "Bradley Effect" there is going to be today.

    I really believe that was what put Clinton over the top in NH.

  4. I told you Zogby was on drugs!