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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Michigan Newspaper Editor Mocks Ohio: Buckeye State Towns Have Weird Names

TOLEDO (TDB) -- Dan Shaw is the managing editor of the Monroe Evening News and his undershorts are in a knot because somebody called Ohio and Michigan sister states. He recited a list of "crazy places in Ohio" -- towns with names like Buzzard Roost, Bald Knobs, Turkey Foot and Turkey Neck. Shaw thinks they're not as lyrical sounding as Michigan spots like Petoskey and Charlevoix. Worse, Ohio's place names grate on the ear and don't entice or invite new residents. Says Shaw:

"Who in Michigan, I asked, thinks Ohio and Michigan are sister states? Maybe Michiganders consider Ohio to be a black sheep second cousin, but not a sister. When I think of sisters, I think of a loving, caring relationship, with maybe a little sibling rivalry but generally warm and fuzzy feelings. How often do Michigan residents describe Ohio in warm, fuzzy terms. I'm afraid it's not sibling rivalry -- more like good old fashioned, serious, stick-in-the-eye kind of rivalry."

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  1. Just last night, as the storm-related closings were scrolling across our TV screen, we spotted a notice that "Beaver Lick Baptist Church" would not hold services on Sunday. After we got up of the floor and wiped our eyes, we discovered that Beaver Lick is in Kentucky, and pretty near to Big Bone Lick. I think Ohio can relax on the names thing.