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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Democratic Ballot Shortages In Clermont County: In Mean Jean's OH-02 Home Base, Of Course

BATAVIA, Ohio (TDB) -- Some precincts in Clermont County don't have enough Democratic ballots to meet expected demand and voters reportedly were being told to wait. But some news reports suggested citizens were being turned away. Sheriff's deputies were standing by to rush ballots to the polls. The shortage clearly is a major screw up and heads should roll. WKRC-TV, Channel 12 in Cincinnati is reporting that new ballots were hurriedly being printed to cover the primary day shortfall:

"Several precincts in Clermont County have run short on Democratic ballots. Election officials were printing more and the sheriff is delivering ballots to Milford, Miami Township and Union Township."

Those are some of the most heavily populated communities in Clermont County, a suburb of Cincinnati in Ohio's 2nd Congressional District. It is the home county of Republican U.S. Rep. Jean Schmidt, who is in a GOP primary today. Clermont -- on the Ohio River east of Cincinnati -- is one of the most Republican counties in Ohio and virtually every office is held by the GOP.

Howard Wilkinson at the Enquirer reports that some voters complain they had been turned away from the polls. There were complaints that some precincts in Clermont ran out of ballots at 2:45 p.m. Also, some voters were saying they had been asked to wait at the polls until new ballots arrived. An early official theory for the shortages: Crossover voting by Republicans who are picking up Democratic ballots.


  1. .

    See what happens when wRong wingnut whacko election board workers meet behind closed doors ?

    Maybe it was percieved as a terrorist threat when someone said something about a muslim O-Bomb-a !

  2. Mayhap an honest mistake.

    LOL -- our primary, unlike the general election, is usually an "oh, by the way..." on the national news circuit. Not a "make or break."

  3. The "theory" of crossovers by Republicans is demonstrated by the facts: the county printed 2x as many ballots as there were registered Democrats and still ran out. My hunch is these were not Obamacans but Republicans who realize that Hillary is a much more inviting target for "Mr. Personality", John McCain.