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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Regionalism Move In Akron: City's Police Force Placed Under Sheriff's Command

AKRON (TDB) -- By mid-April, the sheriff in Summit County will be running the city's police department. The PsychobillyDemocrat is reporting the law enforcement command shift that puts the police division under the NE Ohio sheriff. It is described as a major first step to eliminate duplication, then potentially steer toward creation of a countywide metropolitan police district. The move also seems to have occurred because the city's top elected officials appear to have little use for the current police chief. Here's a snippet from the full report:

" . . . Mayor [Don] Plusquellic announced an arrangement that would put Akron's police authority under the County Sheriff, currently Drew Alexander, starting on April 14. The newly appointed city public safety director will be loaned out to Alexander, effectively bypassing the current city chief of police, while the old director will focus exclusively on 911 operations. That move fraught with politics. Neither Plusquellic nor Council President Sommerville have suggested Akron Chief Matulavich will be rehired when his contract expires at the end of 2008. There's zero love lost there."

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