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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Size Doesn't Matter: Ohio Newspaper Pages Could Shrink This Year

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Get ready for smaller newspapers. Gannett Co. Inc. -- the national chain -- publishes the Cincinnati Enquirer, Chillicothe Gazette, Mansfield News Journal and several other newspaper in Ohio, along with USA Today. The media company says the broadsheets in its stable are probably going to become tinier this year in order to trim costs. In other words, the pages delivered to subscribers' homes and businesses won't be as large. The company is trying to maintain its profit margin -- but is planning to downsize the product sold to its customers. Gannett tucked the news into the annual report it released nearly three weeks ago:

"Challenges for 2008: Looking forward to 2008, the company faces several important challenges, including:

Advertising revenue for our newspapers will be affected by the continuing real estate crisis, softening national economic conditions in the U.S. and the U.K. and strong competition for ad spending;

Newsprint prices are expected to increase due to newsprint industry consolidation. We will continue to manage our newsprint cost carefully by further web width reductions and use of lighter basis weight paper;

We will continue to align expenses with revenue levels through further centralization and consolidation actions and other cost control measure

Newsprint is the paper that newspapers are printed on. Earlier this month, the Tribune Company announced that it was shrinking the page size of four of its newspapers.

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