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Sunday, March 02, 2008

What Does The Ohio Guy Who Owns The White Castle Chain Eat At White Castle?

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio (TDB) -- White Castle CEO Bill Ingram lectured at Bowling Green State University -- where he picked up his degree in 1972 -- and said he's a fan of jalapeno cheeseburgers. What! Not the standard sliders with a side order of fries? Ingram said he prefers the spiced up belly bombs now on the menu. Ryan Sullivan at the BG News campus paper sampled the lecture and reports:

"The final question posed to Ingram was what his favorite food to order (is) when he goes to White Castle. He quickly responded, 'I usually order two jalapeno cheeseburgers.'"

A little research on Google turned up this information from a blog called SimpleProp., which sampled the CEO's favorite long before he lectured:

"The Jalapeño Cheeseburger
The Jalapeño burger looks like a cheeseburger with the flu. The cheese is a very pale yellow color, and doesn't have any pepper specks in it like most slices of Jalapeño cheese do. Again, there is no sauce, but with the Jalapeño burger the pickle is also noticeably absent. The sandwich was surprisingly spicy, and doughy. The Jalapeño cheese really sticks to your mouth. Easily the best sandwich so far, and you get a cute little sticker on your sandwich box."

SimpleProp tried out quite a bit of the White Castle menu, but nothing else seemed to look like it had a bout of influenza.

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