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Friday, April 04, 2008

During Limbaugh's Radio Talk Show: Commercial Breaks Draw More Listeners Than Rush

From today's MediaLife Magazine we learn of data showing that commercials are more popular than conservatism. Yes, the product plugs beat Rush on the radio:

"Reading Rush: What his PPM data actually means There are plenty of people who find what Rush Limbaugh has to say interesting, but his radio show’s audience is actually larger during commercial breaks than when the conservative pundit is talking. That’s according to a new analysis of portable people meter data by Coleman Insights, which found that commercials during Limbaugh’s program have a higher average share of audience than the talk content that surrounds them. That’s of course a good thing for advertisers, as Coleman suggests the study means talk radio is a medium where listeners actually hear commercials. Among the research group’s other findings: Limbaugh’s listening audience drops dramatically during the first few minutes of each hour before building to a peak six minutes in; the audience then drops off again before regaining its level 20 minutes later; and, finally, not surprisingly, audience shares are higher when Limbaugh’s attitude is neutral or negative than when he’s positive, which Coleman says implies he’s more passionate when he’s negative."

1 comment:

  1. I try to listen to Rush occasionally for short doses of unreality, dogma and conservative propaganda.

    I always have to suffer thru endless commericial breaks to hear his nuggets of mis-information and invective. Now it turns that the commercials are the big draw. As Rush would say:"Who knew?"

    Mike Mooney