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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Earthquake In Ohio Blogosphere: Jerid Kurtz Departs Buckeye State Blog

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- He's finishing law school at Case Western Reserve University, moving on in life and is signing off as the primary voice and proprietor at Buckeye State Blog. Jerid Kurtz posted his pre-dawn farewell today, and The Daily Bellwether wishes him health, luck, less stress and success in the journey ahead. His insights and opinions and flair definitely will be missed. Jerid truly is irreplaceable. But change is always out there lurking, and now BSB has new handlers. Welcome to the new crew. And let's watch what they can do at the granddaddy (three years old) of Ohio's political blogs.


  1. Aw, Bill.

    Such kind words. I don't deserve them, but they are appreciated.

    And I won't be completely away. I'll be lurking as always. I may not be allowed to write, but I'll certainly be reading.


  2. Jerid has done nothing but act like a narcissistic egomaniac during his brief time at BSB. He is reviled by both Republicans AND Progressive Activists.

    Jerid abandoned the left wing of the Dem party and thus he gets little or no parting respect from the far left of the party. Jerid is single-handedly responsible for many of the reasons for why Ohio Democrats are divided and splitting the state party into a fragmented mess.

    Thanks a bundle Jerid: now go chase ambulances which is only a minor step up from the miscreant moderate myths you've been pushing for establishment Dems during your brief stay at the BS Blog.

  3. Earthquake?

    What pathetic hyperbole.

    You seem to think that some wet behind the ears narcissistic frat boy matters in any aspect of political life.

    He didn't, but then again you don't and other bloggers on either side of the debate don't as well.

    Don't take yourselves (and I mean that collectively) that seriously.