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Saturday, April 12, 2008

From The Washington Post: DC Prostitute Started At Age 56, Had Ph.D

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- From Paul Duggan's ongoing coverage of the DC Madam trial in Washington federal court: We learn that one of the hookers who testified this week is a Ph.D. She was eligible for membership in the AARP when she started turning tricks and is now 63. No word about Social Security or a pension plan. Another call girl was a U.S. Navy lieutenant commander whose day job was a posting at Annapolis. The stories have been running inside the newspaper's metro section. If you want to check out Dr. Rhona Reiss' resume, it is available here. The Ph.D. says she is no longer involved in the world's oldest profession, but did have 100 encounters while working in that field.

1 comment:

  1. Pretty embarrassing to see a lieutenant commander implicated in this mess. My understanding is she mainly oversaw the chow hall at the academy. However, she also taught one class (leadership ironically).

    Her pathetic excuse was she went through a divorce, had three kids to support and had financial problems. BS! We pay O-4's pretty well. Doesn't mater how much people are paid. Some will always outspend their income. I knew sailors making $40K doing great and others making a lot more (even captains) in deep trouble because of spending (often assisted by a bored spouse).

    Separately, for the LCDR and the Ph.D how much of this moonlighting income was reported to the IRS? Oh, none. You don't say. Income earned through illegal activity is the best argument against our immoral tax system. A national sales tax would help ensure crooks paid their share.