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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

OH-02 GOP Jean Schmidt: As If America's Cops Weren't Already Busy Enough . . .

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- U.S. Rep. Jean Schmidt is co-sponsoring the inaptly named "Stop Adolescent Smoking Without Excessive Bureaucracy Act of 2008." But if HR 5513 ever becomes law, the conservative Republican could have the cops busier than ever. The measure says police agencies will have to inform parents whenever kids are spotted or suspected of having any kind of tobacco product. Which probably means more bureaucracy and more paperwork. And probably less time to fight serious crimes like rape, robbery, murder, burglary, larceny and all the other offenses already on the books. Not that smoking is a good thing. But maybe law enforcement agencies have other things to do than tell parents that Johnny or Janie might have been puffing on a Marlboro.

Schmidt's proposed federal law would make it illegal for anyone under 18 to "possess or attempt to possess a tobacco product in a public place." And the cops would have to deliver the news, even if the kids "allegedly" had tobacco. Section (C) of the Schmidt bill declares:

"A law enforcement agency, upon determining that an individual under 18 years of age allegedly purchased or received a tobacco product, or allegedly received a tobacco product in a public place, shall notify the individual's parent or parents, custodian, or guardian (if the name and address of a parent, guardian, or custodian is readily ascertainable) . . "

No arrest, no jail, no fine. But parental notification by the cops. Just a knock on the door. Or a letter. Or a phone call from the local gendarmes. Or maybe the FBI. Or maybe an entirely new law enforcement agency would have to be created to deliver the news -- the tobacco police.

Schmidt is one of eight cosponsors of the bill, which was filed Feb. 28. The measure -- which hasn't drawn much attention -- is intended to reduce youth usage of tobacco products. Schmidt, who hails from Clermont County and represents the section of the state where Ohio's tobacco industry is based, faces Democrat Vic Wulsin in the November general election. Wulsin is a public health physician.

Besides Schmidt, the others on the tobacco police bill -- all Republicans -- are Marsha Blackburn, TX; Howard Coble, NC; Mary Fallin, OK, Tom Feeney, FL; Trent Franks, AZ; Patrick McHenry, NC; Peter Sessions, TX; John Shadegg, AZ.


  1. .
    We must, we must, We must conform !

    Perhaps, the wRong wingnut whackos could enter keywords smoke, tobacco, etc. into their Internet and voice illegal spy operations and put an end to these minors violating the 'NO SMOKING' signs ?

    PATHETIC 'family values' !


  2. If anything, Schmidt should pass a law to round up the wRong wingnut poster who is 'pathetic.' He's violating good taste! He's a polluter of the Internet! He makes me want to reach for a Winston! Had Enough, Vote Him Off the Island in 2008! Schmidt's an idiot and this guy must be on her payroll . . .

  3. This sort of crap is why I have long believe we should have a limit to how much time congress can be in Washington. If they could only meet for a weeks time twice a year they would stick to federal business. Congress was never intended to be a full time job. Others complain congress does too little. Nope, they do way too much attempting to justify their full time "job."

    No doubt smoking is bad. However, there is nothing in the Constitution that makes it a federal matter. If you don't want your kids to grow and become smokers talk to them a lot when they are young. Don't just talk about the health hazards. Kids believe they are bullet proof. No, instead tell them smoking is stupid, smoking makes you smell like crap, if kids grow up correctly connecting smoking to negative attributes they are less likely to start.

  4. .
    "JudgeCrater said...If anything, Schmidt should pass a law to round up the wRong wingnut poster who is 'pathetic.' He's violating good taste! He's a polluter of the Internet! He makes me want to reach for a Winston! Had Enough, Vote Him Off the Island in 2008! Schmidt's an idiot and this guy must be on her payroll . . .April 03, 2008 7:34 AM"

    He's, guy = gender bias ?

    Oh it is hard to be humble when you are revered in so many ways !

    Thanks for placing us on that blogger pedestal !

    There are leaders and then there are followers !

    Thanks for being a follower of 'bold endeavors' !

    Perhaps, you could add some dialogue to the subject matter instead of getting your panties all up in a twist over 'bold endeavors' !

    Must be one of those young and naive elephant dung chippers ?

    PATHETIC 'HypocRite' !


  5. ATF is spending entirely too much of its time on firearms anyhow.

  6. This legislation fails to tackle the main issue--preventing teens from smoking in the first place. Over the last 40 years, educating the public about the health hazards of smoking has been very effective in reducing US use of cigarettes and tobacco products. Legislation that outlines and funds programs designed specifically to educate teens about these issues would be much more effective in changing the choices teens make than approaching it as a case for law enforcement and punishment. There is ample experience that education works. It is a better deterrent to smoking than punishment.

    In addition, the idea of using police in the manner outlined by this legislation raises other questions. Is this the best use of police time? Should it be their responsibility? Have those who drafted the legislation thought about or consulting the police regarding the time committment expected vs. the time committed to other law enforcement priorities?