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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hillary Is Desperate: Plays Up Endorsement From Paul Patton, Kentucky's Playboy Ex-Governor

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Hillary is playing up an endorsement from former Kentucky Gov. Paul Patton. He is not a paragon of virtue. Patton abandoned plans for a 2004 Senate race against Republican Jim Bunning because he was caught in a sex scandal. He had a mistress who broke off their two-year relationship, then claimed the governor sicced state inspectors on her nursing home operation. Patton's nickname became "Paul Pattin' Her on the Ass." His wife, Judy, was humiliated when the governor admitted his extramarital affair. Here's the Clinton campaign's press release about the endorsement from the playboy governor:

"After a landslide victory in West Virginia, the Clinton Campaign today announced that former Kentucky Governors Wendell Ford, Paul Patton, John Brown, and Julian Carroll are endorsing Hillary for President. The endorsements demonstrate the widespread support Hillary continues to receive throughout the Bluegrass State."

There is quite a bit of history about l'affaire Patton on this New York Times site that indexed stories about events as they unfolded in the Bluegrass State. Hillary knows a bit about roving and roguish husbands, and it is a bit of a surprise to see her snuggling up to Patton. He's Kentucky's version of Ohio's Marc Dann and New York's Eliott Spitzer.

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