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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Bigfoot On Mars? New NASA Photo Has 'Em Wondering

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- The picture of what looks like a left footprint is worth a thousand words. It was sent back by the Mars lander from the red planet's polar region. The space agency says it wasn't left by a Martian who stopped to check out the robot controlled and launched by earthlings. Sure.

Earlier this year, there were widespread reports that NASA's Spirit rover had captured a photo of a humanoid in 2004.

Doug at says NASA scientists have already nicknamed the site of the footprint "Yeti." He explains how it was formed by the robotic arm's scoop. And he hopes the footprint photo doesn't become fodder for conspiracy zealots who will claim the latest Mars landing was faked and took place in a Northwestern U.S. canyon where a Sasquatch just happened to stroll past.


  1. Maybe it is Al Gore's carbon footprint.

  2. How do we get Shoe Carnival to open a store on Mars? We've discovered a whole new export market.

  3. Bill,

    The big toenail does appear to be a little sick. Since the photo is near a spacecraft I wonder if it is from athlete's foot or missile toe.

  4. That's one small step for ????
    (That ain't a small step.)