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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Former Hostage Terry Anderson Hit With Ohio Foreclosure: Ex-AP Journalist Won Millions From Iran

ATHENS, Ohio (TDB) -- The American held longest by Hezbollah militants in Beirut, former Associated Press newsman Terry Anderson, reportedly collected about $26 million after filing suit against the Iranian government. Anderson was born in Lorain, but settled near Athens, where he owns a horse farm and taught journalism for a time at Ohio University. Senior writer Jim Phillips of The Athens News says Anderson has been named in foreclosure action that stems from a May 2007 promissory note for $150,000 that was secured by the farm, which Anderson named Willow Run Ranch.

Anderson was kidnapped in 1985 and held in captivity until 1991. At the time, he was the chief Middle East correspondent for the AP. He wrote a best seller called Den of Lions that chronicled his years in captivity. It was a powerful and moving account of the cruelty he faced, and his efforts to overcome the chains. According to the Athens News, which cited court records, a local developer named James "Brent" Hayes has filed the foreclosure action against Anderson:

"Around April 10 of this year, the complaint says, Anderson asked Hayes to grant him a partial release from the mortgage on the property, to allow him to sell off 45 acres of the ranch. However, the lawsuit claims, Hayes never saw any money from this planned sale. Hayes' lawsuit alleges that Anderson had still failed to pay off the note as of last week. The suit demanded $286,000 in damages, plus interest and late payment fees.

"In a copy of the original promissory notes attached to the lawsuit, Anderson gives Hayes, as part of the deal to get the loan, an option to buy stock at a set price in a company called 'Vox Red International,' when it makes an initial public stock offering."

So far, no comment from Anderson, a Democrat who ran for the Ohio state senate in SE Ohio in 12004. He was defeated by Joy Padgett, who ran a sleazy campaign with ads implying that Anderson was soft on terrorists. He is a former Marine, a Vietnam veteran and suffered greatly at the hands of terrorists.

As for Vox Red International, this link leads to online information about a company that appears to have the same name. The company seems to market battery chargers or devices that supply power for cell phones and iPods.


  1. Bill,

    Did I read your post correctly? Did he actually receive the $26 million? Or was it awarded but not paid. The foreclosure would make more sense if he did not get the money. Foreclosure would still be a sign of gross irresponsibility (some would even say it is theft to buy something and not pay for it) but would at least be understandable. However, if he found a way to blow through 26 million dollars I guess we should be very glad he was not elected to a position to blow tax payers money.

  2. Terry Anderson is alive and well and he is a radio talk show host.

  3. He was awarded and received the 26 million. He had several businesses in uptown Athens and those went bankrupt as well as him being foreclosed on.