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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Is Naugblog A Hogblog? Backing Payday Lenders Seems To Generate Payday Lender Ads

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Extreme rightwing Ohio blogger Matt Naugle is extremely surly toward State Rep. Chris Widener, R-24, who supports the elimination of the payday lending industry. As you can see by clicking the link, Naugblog has a line up of Google-placed advertisements from the payday lending industry. My favorite among those ads reads: "Easy Payday Loans. Get the money you need. No headache. Fast approvals. Apply now." So the attack is generating a revenue stream, and money is involved. Thus, the motive for picking on Widener, an architect from Springfield, and other lawmakers Naugblog denounces as "fellow unprincipled Republican colleagues" might not be based solely upon pure philosophic principles. Could it be conservatism for cash? A financial motive could be behind the surliness: Write pro-payday pieces, trash members of your political party, gin up the cash box and pocket the proceeds.

Naugblog says Widener voted to shut down the payday lenders, "In exchange for support and endorsements from Ohio's liberal newspaper editorial boards for himself and his fellow unprincipled Republican colleagues." Remember, those words appear today on an Ohio blog that is getting money from payday lending industry advertisements.

Naugblog also has what looks like an ad -- or a public service spot -- placed by the Buckeye Institute, which also has been supportive of the payday lenders. Is it possible money is being thrown around the blogosphere in Ohio to finance certain viewpoints. And that begs a question: Is Naugblog on somebody's pad?


  1. -posted by Matt N.

    Oh come on, Bill- Google Ads generates ads based on content, and they do they same for Gmail users. If I, for example, wrote about how bad my allergies have been recently, I'm sure Google would try to sell my readers Claritin. Does that mean I'm on the Claritin payroll, too?

    I have zero control over which ads Google show on my site. They have been showing all types of John McCain ads on my website too, and I'm not even voting for the guy!

    As always, I'm defending free markets, consumer freedom, and the general interest. And, as always, you remain a liberal dunderhead.

  2. Matt --

    You know that Google ads are generated by your content. You are trying to gin up a revenue stream. You said the legislators banned payday lending because they were "unprincipled" suck ups. They have the principles; you have the un. And, dear Matt, to be a dunderhead one has to have a head. Thus, I cannot return the compliment because your head is missing at the moment. Apparently it is up your . . .

    Other than that, keep up the good work. Ohio desperately needs more intelligent conservative bloggers. And I am hopeful that if you ever withdraw your head from the nether region, you will join them.

  3. The payday lobby in Ohio is touting the endorsement of the Ohio Grocers Association. What they aren't telling us is that the President and CEO of the OGA, Tom Jackson, is also the father-in-law of former Republican candidate and Check 'N Go lobbyist, John Rabenold. If you recall, Rabenold raised over $100,000 from payday lenders for his race and still lost!

    The payday lobby is engaging in some dishonest tactics in Ohio, deceiving voters both on TV and on the streets when collecting petition signatures:

    Don't fall for their lies and deception! Vote Yes on Issue 5 to lower interest rates!

    Here's a website for more information about the payday lending issue: