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Friday, June 13, 2008

Newsman Tim Russert Dies Suddenly: Always Said College Years In Cleveland Shaped His Values

CLEVELAND (TDB) -- He was from Buffalo, but his road to success really began in Cleveland. And Tim Russert never forgot the city, nor lessons that "there's a world beyond yourself" to serve learned during his days as a college student in NE Ohio. The NBC news journalist, who collapsed and died on the job Friday, graduated from John Carroll University with a political science degree 1972. He earned a law degree from Cleveland State University in 1976, where President Michael Schwartz mourned his passing: "Tim sought the truth in a straight-talking, no-nonsense manner, and his wit, genial manner and everyman persona endeared him to everyone on campus as well as his legion of television viewers."

Russert long credited the Jesuit campus of John Carroll University in the Cleveland suburb of University Heights with playing a major role in shaping his worldview. The 58-year-old newsman appears on the Website among alums who are the pride of JCU, and he quotes the Gospel of St. Luke, "To those whom much has been given, much is expected. And if there is one lesson that I took from John Carroll, that is it." His son is named Luke.

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