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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Obama Softens On NAFTA: The Primary Rhetoric Was Overheated

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Barack Obama appears to be amping down on NAFTA, and now says the Democratic presidential primary was "overheated" on the free trade issue. has an advance peek at an upcoming Fortune Magazine story that describes the presumptive Democratic presidential as admitting that NAFTA isn't so bad after all. The magazine describes him as backing off a "protectionist tone" adopted last February against Hillary Clinton in the runup to Ohio's March 4 presidential primary. Back then, Obama seemed to be in the camp that contends NAFTA was disastrous for the Midwest's manufacturing economy. Indeed, the page from a mailer he distributed in Ohio (above) says, "Bad trade deals like NAFTA hurt Ohio harder than most states. Only Barack Obama has opposed NAFTA."

Note: The image of the mailer comes from a February post on Jeff Coryell's Ohio Daily Blog.

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