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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

An Ohio Blogger Writes In 'Redneck' Dialect About Shitsville, O: Crass, Prejudiced Words Against Rural Residents

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Insults are not a sign of wisdom. Jokes are a very serious thing. And prejudice is a child of ignorance. Those thoughts -- commonsense advice I have read or heard said across the years -- came to mind when I saw a post written in faux dialect. Someone depicted his fellow citizens with rural Southern accents as living in house trailers, not rating diplomas, inhabiting a place called South Shitsville and conversing like cretins in sentences such as:

"So whuffo’ did ah come hyar, yo’ ax?
Ah came hyar t’give yo’ this hyar message: It’s notcher fault.
Yo’ didn’t make th’ fine jobs hoof it away.
Yo’ didn’t does ennythin’ wrong, acco’din’ t’ th’ code o’ thheells!
Yo’ did evrythin’ yo’ were told, cuss it all t’ tarnation.
Wawked hard, Gotcher GED. Got married up wif. Had kids. Took out a loan fo’ a noo trailer. "

Yep, they use words like "ax," an expression that seems filched from a mouldering Amos 'n' Andy script, and is equally offensive now as it was then. Regardless of ethnic target, the dialect conveys prejudice --somebody who is in on the joke gets that "ax" is really "ask," and thus far superior to the dopes who say "ax." Of course, the smalltowners who seem to drool their words rather than drawl them do "wawk" hard -- though they are poor as dirt and dumber than granite. "Yo'," can read it all here. Viewing the entire cackling depiction of smalltown Ohioans as low-IQ, lazy, uneducated, incoherent and linguistically challenged people who inhabit villages named for turds makes one wonder: How can the creator of such material have a brain so lacking sensibility and judgment, and be stuffed with so much meanness? How can one throw such stones in what had been intended as a thoughtful and highminded protest against a measure pending in the Ohio legislature that makes English the state's official language? Many consider the official English bill an example of blatant state-sponsored prejudice that targets Hispanics and other immigrants. But is it proper to make that point by targeting and mocking smalltown and rural Ohioans?

When you read the "Redneck" screed in standard English it is less inflammatory and more effective, less mocking in tone. But it is still a speech delivered to the residents of a place called South Shitsville, a community of trailers in a village named for excrement, a place of rubes whose ZIPCODE is all zeros.


  1. Are there stupid people on the internet? Yes, there are.

  2. it's actually a pretty bad computer based redneck translation. trust me. i know.

  3. Actually, Bill, 00000 is the zip code for Centralia, Pa.

    Interesting fact: Supposedly they've had a coal fire burning in Centralia since 1962.

  4. From Hey, Sloat! Your hypocrisy is showing!, Cincinnati Beacon, 6/11/08

    Over at The Daily Bellwether, Bill Sloat has been getting pretty upset by some “redneck jokes” circulating the web from other bloggers. And in this post, he advocates for getting rid of slurs like “hillbilly.” But what about calling the Mayor of Cincinnati a “darkie,” or the Superintendent of Cincinnati Public Schools “mammy”? How can Sloat endorse such racially disgusting behavior, while rallying against slurs targeting Appalachians?

    We’re talking, of course, about The Whistleblower, a daily email publication written by Jim Schifrin, regularly filled with racist language as described above. Sloat shows a special adoration of Jim Schifrin’s potty-humored hate-speech, which seems hypocritical given his recent desire to protest hate-speech against Appalachians.

    In 2003, Sloat wrote this glowing endorsement of Schifrin for the Cleveland Plain Dealer....

  5. Bill --

    It looks like the Cincinnati Beacon is trying to piggyback off your site and drive traffic to themselves. There is an entire post from the Beacon that is posted above as a comment. What is up with that? Doesn't anybody read that blog?

  6. The Beacon used to be a pretty good blog, but over the last year they've gone off the deep end too many times.