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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ohio Blogging In Tongues Protest: Time Magazine Picks Up The Story

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Time's Karen Tumulty has picked up on the protest by Ohio bloggers who have written posts in languages other than English today. The protest is a pushback against Cincinnati-area GOP State Rep. Bob Mecklenborg's bill that makes English the state's official language. Below is a sample of some of the participating blogs, and it's fun to try and guess the languages when you click on the list of links to see they've written:

Bad American
Bring Ohio Home
Buckeye State Blog
Glass City Jungle
Gloria Ferris
Ohio Daily Blog
Rowsey Blog
The Bellwether Daily
Writes Like She Talks

Throughout the day, the list has expanded . At last count, there were 17 Ohio blogs taking part in the the protest. Andthey all have cranked out content in languages other than English. There are posts in everything from Portuguese to Hungarian, Vietnamese and Dutch. If you want to see the English translations, click here. The protest was organized by Jill Miller Zimon, a Cleveland area blogger who authors Writes Like She Talks. (But I wonder if she can really speak Portuguese.)


  1. Thanks Bill - no I don't speak Portuguese but I dated a guy from Uruguay many many years ago and his roommates were from Brazil. I love that language!

    I did at one time speak Hebrew, English, French and Spanish with a tiny smattering of Chinese and Arabic but I was never fluent in Arabic and only extremely "eh" in Chinese for about a year.

  2. Hi Jill --

    When did you stop speaking English?
    (Just kidding.) I say that only because you said "at one time" you spoke Hebrew, English, French and Spanish. The past tense use of spoke gave me a chuckle. Maybe we should all try Esperanto. I wonder if it is still around?