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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ohio Teacher 'Brands' Student With Christian Cross: Ohio Blogger Says Teacher Should Have Teeth Punched Out

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- The incident in Mount Vernon smacks of religious zealotry run amok. Science teacher John Freshwater apparently used a high-frequency generator to put the sign of the cross -- as the photo released by the school board shows -- on a student. Ohio righty blogger Ralph King is duly upset, and says his reaction would be to punch the teacher in the nose -- at least. The branded student's parents are suing for civil rights violations. King says he realizes he'd probably go to jail for assaulting Freshwater, but thinks it would be worthwhile if one of his kids suffered similar abuse: "The teacher and the district could be sure of one thing.... if this were my child the teacher would have no teeth, an imprint of a fist on his jaw and a Cross branded on his forehead!"

Inquiring minds are wondering: How many say Amen to that?


  1. Hey Bill...

    Glad you agree to an extent. You should note that the police have not been notified - that was the initial intent of my post.

    As for kicking the teacher's holy rolling a** - I'm sure God would forgive me!

  2. Ralph --

    How could the cops not have heard about this? Even if the school board didn't take action to notify the police, it seems the authorities could/ought to have gotten word by reading the paper, hearing from people in the community, by just being awake and attuned to the area under their law enforcement jurisdiction. Do they only act on formal complaints? Certainly they could ask for records from the public meetings etc.

  3. Amen.

    Even disregarding the religious portion for a moment, how is it that teachers have not gotten the message to keep their hands off the kids? Another example of our society going in the crapper. We've gone from where teachers spanked the misbehaving students to where they can't spank but they fondle, molest, seduce, and now burn. I think we were better off when all you had to fear from a teacher was a poor grade or being sent to the shop teacher for a whack on the backside.