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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Should Dem Swiftboaters Target McCain? Russo Says Its Time To Attack His Military Record

CLEVELAND (TDB) -- Democratic blogger Tim Russo says Vietnam War POW John McCain's military record is fair game for political attack and he is urging an offensive ahead of the Republican convention. He doesn't believe McCain is a hero. Russo doesn't use the words Swiftboat McCain -- meaning the kind of pounding that John Kerry took in 2004 over his Vietnam service. But he suggests that the Arizona senator should get the same kind of treatment over his service as a Naval aviator, meaning "getting dirty:"

"Time to go on offense. And that means going after John McCain's so-called patriotism. His so-called heroism. And his so-called 'maverick'ness. John McCain is no maverick. He's a self-serving politician who will do anything to be elected president . . .

"Yet another way can be to have the folks who don't mind getting dirty (MoveOn. DNC, us bloggers) to go after McCain's military record. Go after his super-rich wife, who McCain left his crippled first wife to chase. Go after it all."


  1. Who cares what Russo says?

    Oh, I forgot, all his young under age BOY friends care!

  2. of course it's fair game. if they're gonna trot out "john kerry with a tan", i'd say it fair to highlight the fact that press reports at the time in the late 60's painted mccain as somewhat of an appeaser getting better treatment due to his family's military heritage and also being willing to give up secrets.

    so much for putting country first. this will all come out in due time. it's unfortunate, but the GOP obviously wants to play that game given the covert smears already happening around obama.

  3. Tim's Tangled WebJune 28, 2008 3:14 PM

    LOL - The swiftboated sex offender calls for all his blogging peers to go a swiftboatin' against McCain

    Make me laugh. Tim Russo has zero credibility except in Cleveland area insane asylums and on online dating and sex sites where only children hang out.

  4. Please do go after John Sidney McCain's military record. After learning that McCain served 5 1/2 YEARS as a POW, I don't think anyone could see his military record as anything but heroic. I'd like to see boy-lover Russo try to serve 5 years as a POW. Actually, that pervert wouldn't last 5 days.

  5. Tim's Tangled WebJune 29, 2008 4:08 PM

    #2 - Eric Vessels (Plunderbund blog) is as much of a lunatic as Tim Russo. Eric and Tim are blog buddies. Thus, when Vessels tries to prop Russo, it is about as meaningless as having a "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" film character do the same.'s_Nest_(film)

    In addition, Vessels can't seem to get many Plunderbund blog posts written without using misogynistic sexually conotated vulgar words. George Carlin (RIP) probably would have been offended by Vessels sordid language.

    The above is true because, Carlin was an overwhelmingly intelligent and comedic man, while Vessels always (and I mean always) looks like a fat foul mouthed fool, just like his crude ass raving lunatic boy loving buddy named Tim Russo.

  6. Tim and Eric have misguided ability to abuse people in more ways than one. They never own up to their faults. Instead they constantly seek weaknesses to pounce on regarding every person they encounter.

    Tim was arrested for his sexual abuse of children and was later hammered by national, state and local blogs and mainstream media because Tim is absolutely obnoxious and a total loon. This is why at least three of Tim's blogs have drained down the main drain into oblivion.

    Eric's simple-minded BlunderPunk Blog is nothing if it doesn't have at least twenty hidiously ridiculous and out-of-context vulgar words printed in ALL CAPS with multiple melodramatic exclaimation points (!!!!!!)

    All the worlds a stage for Eric but him depicting reality has taken an unfortunate back seat in his world. Eric has proven to be a beastly but benign blog jester at best. In actuality, Eric is more like a diseased carrier of unsubstantiated gossip, as long as it gets him a few undeserved hits on his uninformative BlunderPunk excuse for a website.

  7. What's the point in hammering Tim or Eric? Tim has not hidden from his past. And his mistake, which he has owned up to and been sanctioned for, does not mean his head is empty. The question on the table is about whether John McCain's military record leaves an opening for the Democrats to diminish the Republican presidential candidate. Tim believes the pillar of McCain's strength might actually be a weakness to be exploited. I'm not so sure -- in fact, I'm a skeptic. I don't see how griping about Tim and Eric has much to do with tactical considerations about whether or not McCain's military record is a point of vulnerability. In fact, I think Tim was pretty canny for bringing this up for discussion. I don't share his view, but the discussion could be stimulating and interesting and have intellectual value.

  8. you just got hickmaned! hey bud. how was comfest?

  9. ps - damn i love me some hickman!

  10. Tim Russo is insane. I know him personally, and he's out of his mind. I fear he'll lose it completely when people stop paying attention to him.

    Let's all stop paying attention to him and see what happens.