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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Boehner Resurrects Chinese Oil Well Issue: Now Claims Cuba And China 'Actively Exploring' Near Florida

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- House Republican leader John Boehner has a new angle on U.S. Rep. Jean Schmidt's false claim that the Chinese are drilling for oil off the coast of Florida. Boehner contends in a column published today in a Cincinnati magazine "China and Cuba, for example, are actively exploring deep ocean fields just 50 miles off the coast of the Floirda Keys." But hard data to support Boehner's assertion appears to be non-existent -- he offers neither pictures nor maps to go along with his article. He presents no new evidence to counter experts who have said for the past month that China's oil leases in Cuba are land-based.

This new twist in the Chinese oil well saga comes nearly a month after some of Boehner's House allies began claiming in early June that China has been tapping offshore oil deposits in the Florida Straits. The GOP's assertions are being described as akin to an urban legend. Others see it as a myth being spread to capitalize on American frustrations over $4-plus prices at gasoline pumps. While Schmidt, R-OH-02, has refused to back off her statement that the Chinese are drilling off the coast of Florida, Vice President Dick Cheney has admitted he was incorrect for saying the same thing. And conservative columnist George Will issued a retraction when he reported the existence of Chinese oil wells near Florida.

Boehner could be trying a new tack to keep some shred of the myth afloat. His column appeared in today's Cincinnati Gentleman, a bimonthly magazine that is not available online. Boehner's column ran on the last page and is called "Freedom From High Gas Prices." About the Cubans and Chinese near Florida, he writes:

"Thirteen years later, emerging market economies in China and India are gobbling up excess oil supply. Foreign countries have embarked on a worldwide hunt for new resources. China and Cuba, for example, are actively exploring deep ocean fields just 50 miles off the coast of Florida. Meanwhile, Democrats keep America's own untapped resources off-limits to Americans. This madness has to stop."


  1. wow, you've been pretty thoroughly slammed:

  2. Yeah, Matt Hurley contends on his blog that John Boehner and Jean Schmidt stole the idea that the Chinese are drilling for oil off the coast of Florida from the Democrats. He's making a case that the Republicans are innocent because they based their false claims on what others implied. He cannot offer any facts proving the existence of Chinese oil wells off the coast of Florida. He has no hard data gathered by Schmidt or Boehner. He only says Schmidt and Boehner are parroting what others have said. Or something like that. I'm not going to slam him back because he might not be around to defend himself. He could be out somewhere off the coast of Florida right now searching for one of Schmidt and Boehner's Chinese oil wells. They could have slipped him a map with the latitude and longitude. (Do you think he'll claim the map was ripped off from the Democrats). There is a long history of gullible suckers sailing the Spanish Main with Treasure maps. I hate to think of Matt out there at sea seeking where Boehner and Schmidt say X marks the spot.

    Either that, or Matt is searching for dilithium crystals before the Chinese get there first. It is rumored in the Ohio blogosphere -- a rumor that was started by himself apparently -- that he's somehow affiliated with Starfleet Command. Quite impressive. So, I have no hard feelings. He spelled my name correctly. He's a man of strong opinion devoted to his cause. And to borrow a line from Mr. Spock, I hope that Matt lives long and prospers.

  3. Oh, Trek jokes, how original...

    By the way, Bill...where is your proof that the Chinese are NOT drilling for oil in Cuban territory?

  4. Matt -

    maybe you try taking a course in logic. It is well know its impossible to prove a negative.