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Friday, July 04, 2008

Is W.Va. Young Republican Chair An Expert On Obama's Past? Wrong On Key Fact About Senator's Service

IRONTON, Ohio -- The Huntington Herald Dispatch newspaper circulates in both Ohio and West Virginia on both sides of the Ohio River. Sadly, it has been used as a prop for disinformation about Barack Obama. West Virginia's Young Republican Chair Ashley C. Stinnett delivered a hit piece that doesn't have its facts straight. Stinnett says, "Many will recall not too long ago, Obama was merely a state representative in Illinois."

Actually, Stinnett may be the only person in the United State who recalls that Obama was a member of the Illinois House of Representatives. The truth is Obama served as an Illinois state senator. Stinnett's commentary gets really laughable when he says, "Americans are hungry for the truth, not media spin."

So here's some truth. Obama was elected to the Illinois State Senate in November 1996 and served a district from Chicago. But the Young Republican chair of West Virginia, who is also managing the campaign of GOP candidate James Teets for state agriculture commissioner, doesn't seem to have a clue. Stinnett doesn't seem to grasp the concept of dual chamber legislatures -- that the House and Senate are separate bodies. The Huntington newspaper -- one of the largest in the Ohio Valley between Cincinnati and Pittsburgh -- also identifies Stinnett as a "former citizen member" of its editorial board. It needs to run a correction setting the record straight. The correction should point out that Stinnett's command of facts is flawed, and that he delivered spin not truth. His attack on Obama was apparently intended to influence Appalachian voters -- but is so shallow it can't even properly identify the legislative office Obama held.


  1. Well he probably misspoke, just like Obama said there were 57 states. Didnt see a post about that.

  2. Holy crap, Bill, the kid makes one mistake and jump down his throat. I suppose that has to do with the FACT that he hit your guy pretty close to home. By the way, Bill, you made a mistake in your labels...the kid's name is Ashley, not Asley. Your correction should point out that your command of facts is flawed, and that you delivered spin not truth.

    Don't worry, I won't hold my breath... :)

  3. Hi Ben --

    I think you must be right. He really meant Obama was a state reprentative in 57 states.

    Ben, the Op-Ed by Ashley Stinnett was about experience and wisdom as a political officeholder. He should at least have had the office correct.

  4. Hi Hatt --

    I apologize for the "Ass" sounding part in my mislabeling the guy's name. It should have read Ash.

    As for his criticisms of Obama -- he's free to say and think what he wants. I'm sure there are people who agree.

  5. "As for his criticisms of Obama -- he's free to say and think what he wants. I'm sure there are people who agree."

    Ya think? Like anyone with a clue? Obama has a very spotty record of showing up for "work" and when he does he is so afraid of taking a position he often votes present rather than taking a stand he may have to defend later. Sadly, there are people in this country thinking "hey, he doesn't do his current job lets give him one with more responsibility and hope he magically develops judgment and a work ethic."