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Friday, July 18, 2008

Ohio Education Association Endorses Cordray For Attorney General: Union Didn't Wait To Learn Who GOP Picks

COLUMBUS (TDB) -- Democrat Richard Cordray will have the backing of the 130,000-member OEA, the state's biggest teacher's union. The Ohio Education Association said its endorsement panel "carefully screens candidates based on their voting records as well as their support of public education and the OEA's priority issues." But the union's description of a careful screening process seems to have a bit of a flaw. As yet, there is no Republican candidate for Ohio attorney general to screen for the Nov. 4 statewide ballot. Cordray -- the sole major party candidate in the race -- was the unanimous pick. Some critics see a rush to judgment. Ohio's Republicans still haven't slated a candidate to run for the job that Marc Dann, a Democrat elected in November 2006, quit after confessing an extra-marital affair with a female member of his staff. The teacher's union announced Friday that it is satisfied Cordray, currently Ohio's state treasurer, "truly supports" public schools. Thus, it saw no need to wait to learn the views of the GOP candidate.

The press release announcing the Cordray endorsement is available here. OEA President Patricia Frost-Brooks said:

"Richard Cordray has demonstrated that he truly supports public education through his initiatives working with teachers and public school students. He is a person of great integrity and is committed to fairness and justice. We believe he will support our effort to create great public schools in Ohio."

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