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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Ohio's John Boehner: GOP House Leader May Be Facing Major Revolt From Republican Donors

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- The news is coming from both Red County and conservative columnist Robert Novak, who are reporting that a deep-pocketed California fountain of cash for House Republicans are weary and leery of the current leadership. Novak writes:

"But House Minority Leader John Boehner, who sponsors no earmarks himself but has not backed reform, faces an all-too-serious challenge."

The Lincoln Club of Orange County has been described as a veritable ATM for the GOP, raising millions over the years. But discontent with the party's congressional leadership may choke off the funds, and the Lincoln Club's top officials said in a letter Boehner & Co. "are still oblivious to the source of our discontent." Boehner is from Butler County near Cincinnati, and represents Ohio's 8th Congressional District.

[UPDATE: July 9, 2008 at 7:30 AM -- Here's video of the Lincoln Club's leader on CNN being interviewed about the concerns. As the interview proceeds, he says Boehner should be standing on the "mountaintop" screaming about out-of-control spending by Congress, especially earmarks. Again, courtesy of Red County.]


  1. When is Boehner up for reelection? Are there any serious primary challengers? Please let me know. Boehner came to our District to campaign for a liberal Republican's reelection, when it was obvious that the district's GOP was favoring his primary challenger.

  2. Hi Mike --

    He is up for reelection to the House this November (every member is on the two-year cycle). His district is safe for an R and hasn't been held by a Democrat in recent memory. Boehner is fairly popular at home in Ohio, and people who know him here think the national image from Washington is not reality. Boehner is a partisan, but he is no Tom Delay, which is to his credit. Whether he stays or goes as House leader? I imagine if the GOP is drubbed in November and loses seats -- he's gone. But I don't think he'll be voted out of Congress by the Ohioans he represents.

    Perhaps more people will want to weigh in on this discussion. You asked a good question.

  3. ...he is no Tom Delay, which is to his credit.

    Yes, but just because someone doesn't suffer from paranoid delusions doesn't make him a good legislator.

    Like DeLay, Boehner has solid ties to K Street lobbyists and has revealed a bad case of Headinarse disease.

    He also had golf outings and flew on jets paid for by interests which had business before his committee, another obvious conflict of interest.

    And he organized the use of public school buses to shuttle people to a Bush campaign event in Butler County.

    He's not an altogether different animal from DeLay, just different stripes.

  4. If we lose double digit house seats, he will be challenged and probably go down. May happen anyways.

  5. Boehner is one of the establishment Republicans that keep giving us the likes of Arlen Specter, Don Young, et. al. He tried to give our district in Maryland back to Wayne Gilchrest to waste and embarass. When the GOP takes another drubbing in Nov. it will be in large part due to Boehner's boners. He is not a leader, but a figurehead. He must be replaced in Congress along with all the other incumbent wastrels.

  6. I am really sick of this guy. I hope they can get a progressive democrat to run against him and get him out of there.

  7. big pockets and takeing bribes and gifts and always going with big business. He isnt for Americans hes out for himself, and his greedy rich friends. thats my opinion