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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Russo On Ohio's Progressive Bloggers: They Have Fallen Silent And Ignore GOP Right's Racism

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Tim Russo says Ohio's progressive bloggers will write eloquent denouncements of the right's racism after Barack Obama's assassination. For now, he says they don't have the guts to stand up and battle the hate.

But why does he think Obama will be murdered? And why does he think anybody in the Ohiosphere -- right or left -- would favor, or be inclined to induce, such a horrendous act? Does surfing political blogs lead to violence? That seems a stretch. Sports fans who read about baseball don't suddenly become second basemen with .305 averages.

[UPDATE: Plunderbund's Eric Vessels asks Russo, "Please don't say the "A" word."]


  1. i think someone's gonna take a shot at barack. that's not a stretch, bill.

  2. Tim, one doesn't have to be a presidential candidate to have a shot taken at them. You could be the vice president's hunting partner, a tourist in Egypt, or a store owner or bank teller in any U.S. city and suburb, even a drug boy on the corner, a cop. There is too much hate and violence around. But it all isn't political. And it all isn't racial.

  3. Bill,

    I'm sorry I clicked on your link to that character's blog. The guy is nuts. He ascribes anyones opposition to Sen. Obama's election as racially motivated. He may be so insulated from regular folks that he doesn't realize that there are a lot of people who actually disagree with Obama on many basic issues which have no basis in race. Most of us had similar policy disagreements with Sen. Clinton and she isn't exactly black. He needs to grow up and think a little before he accuses people of being racist just because they have different points of view about political issues.

    Unlike talk on some "progressive" blogs, I have not seen any conservative blogs advocating violence against people with opposing viewpoints. Are there some out there that talk stupid stuff? Probably, but none that I would visit twice.

  4. as usual, you miss the point.

    the causal connection between blogs and an attempt on barack's life is one you make, bill. not me.

    my point is that i'm disappointed in ohio's progressive bloggers. in the extreme.

    my point about the poisonous atmosphere is obvious. just ask joe cimperman.

  5. i took issue with this as well in a post just now. i see the point that tim is trying to make, but i think the assassination thing is taking it way too far.

  6. LargeBill --

    Can you out any of the prgressive blogs where they are talking about violence? I'd like to see the list. Who, what, where . . .
    If somebody is advocating criminal conduct based on a political viewpoint (or for any reason, really) that is morally wrong and could be illegal. I'm all for free speech, but the line stops when you urge people to beat up or riot or kill or commit arson. LargeBill, who are these "progressive" bloggers? If they exist as you say, they are cretins and thugs. And hardly progressive.

  7. The guy is a whack job and so are you for promoting his insanity. These people drank the Obama kool aid and act as if he's the messiah. Dr. King was a threat to the power structure. Obama is it's best salesman. The love the guy and all you have to do is look at all the money they're giving him to see it.

  8. Bill,

    You're kidding right? One couldn't visit the left side of the blogosphere over the last decade without reading hateful and threatening things written about any number of conservatives. Think Tom Delay, Ken Blackwell, Dick Cheney, Clarence Thomas, etc, etc.

    Your blog is one of the only left leaning ones I'll visit. We may different view about government policies at times but your blog is not full of vitriol and swearing. At times it seems that most folks can not express themselves without either swearing or using incredible exaggeration and making assumptions about others motives. Russo's post is a classic example of the latter. He assumes that those who disagree with Sen. Obama's positions are racist and advocating violence. Ridiculous! At most we are advocating people actually listen to his words, think what direction he would take the country, consider his lack of experience and decide not to vote for him. If in November he is elected we will obviously be disappointed in the average voter much as decent folks were dismayed about Clinton's election. However, we didn't riot or threaten Clinton. Speaking for myself, I pointed to Clinton's election as a sign of our country's strength that we are not so fragile that one man, regardless of what position elected to, could ruin it.

  9. the last decade large? kos wasn't even started until 2002. sounds like a bit of that incredible exaggeration you're talking about. the political blogosphere really didn't come into it's own until 2004.

    not surprising that you generalize and not give one single example of a lefty blogger talking about violence. cursing maybe. hateful speech? possible. freepers would pretty much neutralize any fault you may lay at the feet of progressive bloggers.

    did you even read tim's post? he doesn't assume anything. he makes the valid point that coded racist language being allowed to fester is likely to end up going bad - even violent.

    if those of you who are just against obama for policy aren't speaking out as well, they you are wrong. and complicit. remember that. of course my guess is that is just a cover. so demonstrate i'm wrong and begin posting on unfair coded ads and whisper campaigns via email chock full of lies.

    again, my bet is you don't.

    you were disappointed in the average voter due to clinton but accept bush! lol. luckily your belief that one idiot can't bring our great country down is true and we will demonstrate that in november.