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Friday, July 11, 2008

Send Hillary $50: She'll Send You This T-Shirt With A Slogan Borrowed From Budweiser

CLEVELAND (TDB) -- Today she started hawking t-shirts for $50 each. Hillary needs $20 million or so to pay off her campaign debt. It will take more than a village. About 400,000 of the shirts will have to be sold -- nearly the entire population of Cleveland. The shirts went up for sale today on her campaign blog, and the design reportedly was picked from 5,000 entries. The slogan seems to echo the Anheuser-Busch beer commercial: "This Bud's For You." No word about who manufactures the tees. Union made in the USA? Imported from China?

Here's what Hillary says:

"In May, Chelsea announced our 'Project T-Shirt' contest, and I never imagined we would have such an outpouring of support and great designs. We received almost five thousand amazing entries, and more than 125,000 of you voted for your favorite design. While the primary race may be over, I think the winning t-shirt -- and it won by a landslide -- still makes a wonderful statement about everything you and I accomplished in this historic race and our determination to keep fighting for what we believe in. If you contribute $50 today you'll get a t-shirt with the winning design and continue to help me pay down our campaign debt."


  1. Why does she not open her own checking account write a check and pay for it herself?

  2. That is about the dumbest shirt I have ever seen.

  3. The slogan is actually from this: