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Monday, August 18, 2008

Happiness Is A Warm ??? This Ad Appears On NewsBusters, Which Exists To Criticize Media Excess

COLUMBUS (TDB) -- When I checked out a recent piece by Bizzyblog's Tom Blumer, the above advertisement popped up on NewsBusters, an Internet site where Blumer is a frequent contributor. The site and its writers are known for blasting away at the mainstream media for perceived excesses. But what does one say about an ad designed to play off libido? Guns are busting out all over? Rat-a-tit-tit? Hit me with your best shot, fire away? And this is a "conservative" t-shirt, though maybe not tailored for the family values wing. The text from the ad follows:

"THE ORIGINAL Professionally designed and screen printed for superior quality.At non-ridiculous prices:$12.95 - $19.95THOSESHIRTS.COMRight Shirts Done Right"


  1. perhaps it is a play on the mid-nineties, too-cool-for-school twenty-something colloquialism "Up Your Ante"

    i hate mtv.

  2. That reminds me Bill...
    I owe you a big "Thanks" for turning me on to the basic handgun course that the Republican Party offered a few weeks ago. I wouldn't have known about it if it weren't for your blog.

  3. and there are often Exxon ads on Daily Kos. who cares? you pick some petty points to harp on.

  4. You always like to find hidden meanings in blog ads, old man. Even though I don't know why anyone would wear such an in-your-face shirt, the ad is quite harmless.

  5. With the over saturation of t-shirt companies online and off, it is no surprise the shock factor of the shirts is increasing. This one is rather mild even considering it's placement.