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Friday, August 15, 2008

Jerome Corsi & Ken Blackwell: Their Book 'Rebuilding America' Was Greeted Like A Sackful Of Feces

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Jerome Corsi's latest campaign-season book, Obama Nation, is another effort to deliver a haymaker from the right. But Corsi of late has a reputation for keeping company with losers. In 2006, Corsi teamed up with Ohio Republican Ken Blackwell -- then the GOP candidate for governor -- on a 255-page dud they called Rebuiding America. There were not great numbers interested in what they had to say. The work is now buried at No. 971,273 on Amazon's computer list of popular books -- that's deep.

Blackwell was Ohio's secretary of state and top elections official in 2004, and he was also a top official in President George Bush's reelection campaign. He did everything he could to suppress the Democratic vote that year in Ohio, which was a must-win state for Bush. Corsi co-authored the book that Swiftboated John Kerry. Blackwell soon partnered with the rightwing zealot, who spent the end of the 2006 Ohio's governor's race spreading sexual smears about Ted Strickland. Voters weren't buying and Strickland crushed Blackwell at the polls -- it was the biggest GOP loss in decades.

The Corsi-Blackwell book was so unnoteworthy that the public library in Cincinnati --Blackwell's hometown -- didn't even bother to purchase a copy for its stacks. If you haven't heard about the Corsi-Blackwell book, Amazon has a few reviews and background. It might make good bathroom reading. Or it might make good toilet paper.

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