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Friday, August 01, 2008

On The Trail Of the Montauk Monster, Word Comes Of Montana's Monstrous Rattlesnake

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- There is a growing sense the Montauk Monster that floated onto a sandy Atlantic beach last month is really the remains of a dead raccoon. Gothamist has the latest on the Long Island sensation, including more yucky pictures. Meanwhile, the Daily Bellwether just got a tip about a giant serpent found in Ohio. But the same story had already surfaced a day earlier in Montana. And just in time. Now there won't be any monotony on the front involving unnatural, abnormal, brutish and hideous creatures. Since the story broke out west first, we'll call it the Montana Monster -- a rattler that is nearly 10 feet long, twice normal. After all, who wants to imagine such venomous mankillers slithering around in Ohio.

Michael Bobcock, outdoor editor at the Great Falls Tribune, reports that a photo of the snake is circulating on the Internet (see above). He's on the case but hasn't been able to track down where it originated:

"Scary fellow, wouldn't you think? That would be like stepping on a log that wanted to kill you and swallow you whole. That thing could take a large hog, big dog or even the neighborhood wangsta -- a kid who wants to be a gangsta but only pretends."

Bobcock is suspicious about the size of the snake in the picture. It might be photoshopped. So far, he can't prove it is genuine.

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  1. this video is proof enough that it exist. it reveals 30 more pictures of the Montauk Monster