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Monday, August 04, 2008

Will Montauk Monster Wind Up In Texas Creationist Museum? Lake Erie Monster Spent Time With Anti-Darwinists

CLEVELAND (TDB) -- At the moment, the Montauk Monster is the hottest story on the web. Where might all end? Perhaps in a Texas creationist museum? That's where Glen J. Kuban tracked down a reputed baby monster whose remains reportedly washed up on Lake Erie's shoreline in the early 1990s. Kuban did a lot of research about the so-called "Erie Baby," which was displayed for a time in the Christian Evidence Museum as "pleiosaur-like" creature that lived in modern times. Its existence was seen as evidence contrary to Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. At least, that's how the monster tale goes.

Kuban's complete research report about the Lake Erie monster is here. It is fascinating reading, and nearly hilarious. He updated it in 1997. He thinks the Lake Erie monster that so interested the creationists was actually a burbot, a large Great Lakes fish that is related to the cod that come from the Atlantic. He said the burbot is sometimes called a "lawyerfish." Not exactly sure why that is.

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