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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Bankrupt Cincinnati Public Schools Lobbyist Neil Clark: His Art Inventory Includes 24k Gold Leaf Pamela Anderson

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Superlobbyist Neil Clark couldn't make it on $72,000 a month. Now we know the art inventory listed in his bankruptcy filing includes three figures of Pam Anderson --Pam Anderson in mirrors, Pam Anderson in 24K gold leaf, Pam Anderson 3/4 life size. We can only assume it's the woman with the treasure chest because the figures aren't displayed in the court records. They show he also owns Marilyn, Liz Taylor, Liza Minnelli, Jane Fonda, Judy Garland, Joan Collins, Ann Margret, Sophia Loren, Stevie Nicks and Jackie O. Meanwhile, Clark was booked to give a rundown on Ohio's government financial picture to a group of executives in Columbus. Clark was set to explain why Ohio is "headed to a financial meltdown." With Pamela Anderson in the picture, maybe it would have been better to explain why the state could go bust.

The Ohio Society of Association Executives clearly viewed Neil Clark as a heavy hitter when they booked him to speak at their January luncheon. They noted he was a top Republican who served as senior financial analyst for the GOP Senate caucus in the days before he switched to lobbying. Here's the notice announcing Clark's talk:

January OSAE Luncheon - Maintaining the Status Quo Does Not Mean Inaction
Doubletree Hotel - Worthington
January OSAE Luncheon Program - Maintaining the Status Quo Does Not Mean Inaction
January's luncheon speaker, Neil Clark of Grant Street Consultants will discuss why he believes the State of Ohio is headed towards a financial meltdown. In addition to studying the causes for the meltdown, he will list the reasons used by both individuals and Ohio's leadership not to make the hard decisions.
Before launching Grant Street Consultants, Neil Clark served as Chief Operating Officer of the Ohio Senate Republican Caucus where he managed the planning, development and implementation of the taxing and spending priorities of Ohio's $32 billion biennial budget. In this position he functioned as both senior advisor to the majority leadership and as senior financial analyst for the Caucus. During his three decades in the political arena, he has structured and directed scores of successful campaigns for candidates and statewide ballot issues. In 2009, he was ranked for the ninth consecutive year in the top 25 of Smart Business Magazine's annual Columbus Power 100."

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  1. Mr. Sloat - I am surprised by your above inaccurate statements considering your journalistic background. Neil does own the artwork you list above, but it is NOT because he bought the artwork, he is the artist of all of the artwork you listed. It seems really odd that all the journalists who write negative comments about Neil do not have the facts straight and they continually cannot tell the true story.