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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Christian Mag Slams Football Coach Brian Kelly: 'History of Association With Left-Leaning Politicians'

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- People in Cincinnati are still mad that Brian Kelly jumped from head coach of the University of Cincinnati's football Bearcats to Notre Dame. But nobody questioned his politics, nor did they presume to judge his morality because he associated with Democrats. But World Magazine, a Christian publication that claims to stand for "factual accuracy and biblical objectivity" has tackled Kelly with a story implying wealthy Notre Dame alumni are disgusted he's at the school. The magazine reported that Notre Dame punted on its moral standards for the sake of athletic success. One of Kelly's big sins: He worked on a Gary Hart campaign. Curiously, not one alum is quoted in the piece.

"The recent hire of Brian Kelly to succeed Charlie Weis as head football coach at Notre Dame raised more than a few eyebrows among devout Catholic alumni, many of whom have helped build the school's $6 billion endowment. Kelly has a history of association with left-leaning politicians, including working for Democratic presidential candidate Gary Hart in 1984. Such ties have prompted some Fighting Irish faithful to wonder aloud if Kelly supports legalized abortion."

Is World Mag honest about its perspective? "We stand for factual accuracy and biblical objectivity, trying to see the world as best we can the way the Bible depicts it. Journalistic humility for us means trying to give God's perspective. We distinguish between issues on which the Bible is clear and those on which it isn't. We also distinguish between journalism and propaganda: We're not willing to lie because someone thinks it will help God's cause."

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