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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Right Wing Ex-Enquirer Columnist Peter Bronson: Has New Gig At Cincy Magazine

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Bronson somehow managed to write a nice thing about a Democrat. Still, the rabid rightwinger mostly drones on and on from his one-note political hymnal -- he has claimed the White House keeps a list of "dangerous conservatives." He admits the newspaper threw him overboard last July. Bronson writes he was a casualty of the lousy economy, but neglects to mention the national flap over a faked photo of Sen. Al Franken that preceded his departure by a few days. In his new gig, Bronson produces a bimonthly column for the city magazine that's aimed at the business and professional class, and there is buzz that he soon may be moving into an editor's spot. Bronson's piece in the current issue is available online and he's offered some (surprise!) praise for Cincinnati's Democratic Mayor Mark Mallory, whose anti-crime efforts he sees as paying dividends:

"Still, I am optimistic.After a peaceful time-out from the daily menu of fast-food headlines, I have a much healthier view of the city. Downtown is more dynamic than it’s been in years. It even shows vital signs of a nightlife. Crime is in check because Mayor Mark Mallory came up with the radical plan to let the police do their job. The bulimic growth of local government has been put on a revenue-starvation diet. And, compared to many cities, we have clean government. For all the partisan thumb wrestling, Cincinnati is just too darned well mannered for corruption. So I’d say Cincinnati is a stock with lots of upside growth potential for one big reason: Its human resources."

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