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Monday, January 25, 2010

Shipment Discovered In Cincinnati: Feds Seize Stainless Steel Bound for Iran

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Details are sketchy. But Customs and Border Protection agents have moved to seize nearly 2.5 tons of stainless steel that reportedly was headed to Iran from Cincinnati. Records show the shipment was taken from someone named Milad Jafari. The local media has not yet covered the seizure. It is not a criminal matter, but is a civil asset forfeiture of merchandise. The government claims the shipment had not been approved by the Office of Foreign Assets Control, a unit of the Treasury Department. According to federal officials, the the Office of Foreign Assets Control "administers and enforces economic and trade sanctions based on US foreign policy and national security goals against targeted foreign countries and regimes, terrorists, international narcotics traffickers, those engaged in activities related to the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and other threats to the national security, foreign policy or economy of the United States."

Follow this link for more details about the embargo on Iran. As yet, nobody has explained publicly why Iran wanted the stainless steel, or what purpose was intended for the two skids full of the metal. There have been concerns that Iran is developing weapons of mass destruction. The University of Wisconsin operates an organization called Iran Watch that purports to monitor suppliers who deal with the Iranian government.

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