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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

60 Seeking 15 Seats On County Gov't Reform Panel: Anderson Trustee Russ Jackson Among Applicants

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Kroger Co's. director of government relations -- who once was former Cincinnati Mayor Charlie Luken's top aide -- is also angling for a task force spot. The Daily Bellwether has the names of all 60 applicants (see below). The plan by Hamilton County's commissioners is to name 15 to the reform task force early next week. The panel is supposed to roll out a newly designed government in time for the November election. The goal is to produce something akin to Cuyahoga County's new county exec-led government, or perhaps seek to end local balkanization with a form of metro government. The 60 hopefuls include Russ Jackson, a well-known Republican from the suburbs; former County Administrator Dave Krings, who is now a consultant; Brendon Cull, director of government relations and regulatory affairs at the Kroger Co., and Roger Banzaf, retired after a 40 years career in sales and marketing. Banzaf lives in Cincinnati and calls himself an "average Joe." The deadline for applying is closed. Here's the complete list of names and what they do for a living:

Scott W. Brinker, Glendale, Henkle-Schueler & Assoc.; David Krings, non-profit and government consulting; Dave Mayer, Cincinnati, environmental engineer; Mark Rosenberger, Cleves, Barger Becker, land surveyor; Craig Hilsinger, Cincinnati, real estate developer and builder; Barry J. Burke, Cincinnati, FOPPE Technical Group, civil engineer; Earl Patrick, Cincinnati, retired from Ohio Casualty Group, member of the board Price Hill Historical Society.

Henry Browning, Cincinnati, retired executive Gannet Co. Inc., 30 years with Enquirer, none in editorial positions; Glen Arthur Ratz, Cincinnati, homebuilder, part-time fitness trainer Urban Active; Norman Falick, Cincinnati, self-employed investor; Helen Berkman Habbert, Cincinnati, consultant QRC Associates, Penny Manes, Amberley Village, attorney; Carolyn Lindsley, paralegal, Cohen Todd Kite & Stanford LLC.

Roger Banzaf, Cincinnati, retired sales and marketing; Timothy G. Mara, Cincinnati, attorney and urban planner; Michael J. Mobley, North Bend, field representative Nielsen Co.; Gavin Leonard, Cincinnati, non-profit director of Center for Progress Leadership; Connie M. Hinnitz, administrator, Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati; Scott Gehring, Cincinnati, vice president Cincinnati Volunteers of America Ohio River Valley.

Kevin R. Flynn, Cincinnati, attorney, Griffin, Fletcher & Herndon LLP; Donald Shreve, retired sales use tax audit manager, State of Ohio Department of Taxation; Kathleen M. Schmidt, Cincinnati, executive assistant, Cincinnati Bar Association;

Peter V. Hoyt, Cincinnati, retired architect; Ralph G. Ressneker, Cincinnati, retired, former director Cincinnati Regional Computer Center; Larry Taylor, Cincinnati, retired, Unisys 38 years; Robert E. Wiggins, Cincinnati, retired software development engineer.

Sam Knobler, Cincinnati, real estate developer, owns company Midlife Development Group Inc.; Stephen H. Wessels, Cincinnati, lead electrician Hamilton County's facilities department; Nikki C. Johnson, Woodlawn, small business owner, A+Care Janitorial Service; Russell L. Jackson, Anderson Township Trustee; Thomas J. White, Cincinnati, management analyst Center for Local Government; Willard D. Fletcher, Cincinnati, retired law enforcement, Hamilton County prosecutor and Cincinnati police; Rosemarie L. Sturgill, Cincinnati, retired Cognis Corp. 29 ears; Margaret Cook, Cincinnati, parts specialist Intelligrated; Robert J. Joesting, electrician, Bob's Electric Service; David Collins, Cincinnati, architect, The Preview Group Inc.

Tim I. Long, Cincinnati, union glazier, IUPAT DC 12, "average joe; Robert Willis, Cincinnati, retired business administrator, University of Cincinnati; Michael Tranter, Reading, attorney; Wyndell Ellis, Cincinnati, mail handler, U.S. Postal Service; Arnold C. Shoop, retired, P&G marketing and sales 30 years; Russ W. Stewart, Cincinnati, registered investment advisor, Nottinghill Investment Advisers Inc.; John R. Mayo, Loveland, IT project manager, G.E. Aviation; Marilyn DeCourcy, self-employed, retired 2002 Hamilton County Juvenile Court.

Elizabeth M. Robinson, Cincinnati, benefits manager, Pension Corporation of America; Cathy K. Doyle, hospital and health services administration; William C. Frankenstein, Cincinnati, retired, sold computers; Thomas R. Chambers, Cincinnati, product coordinator, The Health Alliance; Jeffrey G. Mayer, Cincinnati, business development and marketing, New Horizons Credit Union.

David A. Singleton, Cincinnati, attorney, executive director Ohio Justice Policy Center; James T. O'Reilly, Wyoming, law professor, University of Cincinnati; Timothy E. Oppelt, retired civil engineer; Gary V. Trick, Cincinnati, social studies teacher, Fairfield School District; Franklin O. Gerson, Cincinnati, retired, founder Free Store; Stephen M. Taylor, Cincinnati, manager U.S. Bank.

Ron L. Pitman, Springdale, real estate broker, Ron Pitman Realtors; Brendon Cull, Cincinnati, director government relations and regulatory affairs, The Kroger Co.; Patrick B. Morgan, Harrison, City of Montgomery firefighter and paramedic; Matthew C. Christopher, Cincinnati, assistant fire chief Mariemont Fire Department; William J. Ennis, Blue Ash, retired lawyer, retired city law director Harrison Township administrator.

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