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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Caterpillar Putting 500 New Jobs In Ohio: Gov. Strickland Nails Down $65 Million Project Near Dayton

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Ohio's package of economic development incentives steamrolled Kentucky and Indiana, which were in competition for Caterpillar's new parts distribution center. The 500 jobs will pay average hourly wages of $11.75. The state Controlling board last week signed off on $600,000 for roadwork development in Clayton, a small town north of Dayton in Montgomery County. The road money followed a 10-year 75% tax credit approved in December.

From the Controlling Board agenda: "As a result of the project and State assistance provided, Caterpillar will create 500 new, full-time jobs with average hourly wages of $11.75. Based on the number of new, full-time jobs created, the average cost of Roadwork Development Grant assistance is $1,200 per job.

Caterpillar will construct a 1,300,000 square foot distribution facility in the City of Clayton. This facility will help to relieve demand from the company’s primary facility in Morton, Illinois. The City of Clayton facility will move the company closer to its supply base as well as its dealers, allowing improved service and response time. Caterpillar will make an investment of $65,000,000 in land, building construction, and machinery and equipment. "


  1. O Boy another crappy 10 to 12 dollar an hr job coming to Dayton. Gas,Heat,Property taxes and you name it is going up. Everything going up except our wages. Gee thanks!! Corp. America and Libs.

  2. 11.50 an hour plus you pay 300 a month for insurance.