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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Columbus Dispatch Sports Writer Slams Cincinnati: Too Catholic And Too Kentucky For OSU Football

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Rob Oller's commentary today is an attempt to explain why most Cincinnati-area college football recruits won't flock to Ohio State University. He says "historical, cultural and geographical issues hinder OSU from cleaning up down there." It's also "because of Cincinnati's large Catholic community." Apparently, Cincinnati Catholics just don't put as much faith in Coach Jim Tressel as true believers ought. The Queen City has wicked ways. A day after signing day, Oller even reached into his sportswriter cliche bag to quote a "media wag" whom he doesn't identify:

"Tressel has a reputation for locking down Ohio for the Buckeyes. If there's a crack, it's Cincinnati. Or maybe not. As one media wag pointed out, Cincinnati should not count. After all, it's really northern Kentucky. Or at least acts like it."

1 comment:

  1. The column isn't too bad, except for the Kentucky crack. The Catholic reference was about ND's success in recruiting here. The fact is, Cinci is culturally independent from the rest of the state in a way no other big Ohio city is.