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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Corporation Announces Run For Congress: It Shares Name With Cleveland Neighborhood

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Murray Hill Inc. is a public relations firm that plans to file as a Republican candidate in Maryland's 8th Congressional District. The company's slogan: "Corporations are people, too." In years past, its clients have included the Laborer's Union in Cleveland. And the company's name looks to be borrowed from Cleveland, where Murray Hill is the formal name for the Little Italy section of town. The candidacy seems an effort to mock the 5-4 Supreme Court ruling that opened the doors to wider campaign activities by corporations. Murray Hill Inc. said it is off and running:

"The campaign’s designated human, Eric Hensal, will help the corporation conform to antiquated 'human only' procedures and sign the necessary voter registration and candidacy paperwork. Hensal is excited by this new opportunity. 'We want to get in on the ground floor of the democracy market before the whole store is bought by China.'
Murray Hill Inc. plans on filing to run in the Republican primary in Maryland’s 8th Congressional District. Campaign Manager William Klein promises an aggressive, historic campaign that 'puts people second' or even third.

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  1. "Election Board halts Murray Hill Inc.'s congressional run: Is a corporation a citizen or not?"