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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

University of Cincinnati Fans Lose Faith In Mick Cronin: Straw Poll Results Are Awful

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Bearcats basketball fans look to be turning against Coach Mick Cronin. A straw poll run by the University of Cincinnati student newspaper shows nearly 59% of the voters think Cronin can't handle the head coaching job in the Big East Conference. Here are the numbers:

"Is Cronin the right man for the job?
Yes 18%(104)
No 59%(348)
Can't say yet -- give him more time to prove himself.
23 %(136)"

The straw poll in the campus daily The News-Record isn't scientific. Nor is the sample huge at the moment. But it does draw from a sample of people who are involved with U.C., or have a stake in campus life. It's a clear signal that patience with Cronin -- whose team lost a conference game to the University of South Florida (65-57) last night -- has worn thin. UC is 15-10 overall this season, but 6-7 in the Big East. Its chances of getting into the NCAA tournament are fading. Cronin took over after the Bob Huggins era. He has not been able to coach U.C. to the heights Huggins' teams had. The Cronin era is mediocre at best. On the other hand, Cronin's teams don't have the reputation for thuggery that plagued the Huggins era. He has cleaned things up. But this straw poll is not good news for Cronin, whose job could be on the line after the season. It looks like the fans have turned against him. How long before they start asking for his head?

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