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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Adultery Scandal Rocks Ohio Air Force Base: The Case Of The Randy Chief Master Sergeant Who Shagged Married Subordinates

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- It is still against the law to have sex with a married colleague in the military. And a lot of service members have been scoping out a
brief Air Force news release about hanky panky at Wright Patterson in Ohio. The item -- which offers scant details -- has been among the "most viewed" on the service's official Web site for more than a week. Apparently, the married male sergeant boffed several of his married female subordinates, and there are allegations of sexual harassment. In From the Cold is a blog that follows intelligence matters, and noted that the accused philanderer had served in units with spy missions. It did not suggest he was James Bond. While the randy sergeant faces punishment under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, none of the women have been charged. That news that was dug up by an enterprising reporter, John Nolan of the Dayton Daily News, formerly of the Associated Press in Cincinnati. Compare what Nolan learned versus the Air Force's minimalist press release:

This is the military version: "WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio (AFNS) -- A former command chief master sergeant for the Air Force Materiel Command here, has been formally charged by Air Force officials with several counts of violating specific articles of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Chief Master Sergeant William Gurney was charged with seven specifications of violation of Article 92, failure to obey an order or regulation and dereliction of duty; two specifications of violation of Article 93, maltreatment; two specifications of violation of Article 120, indecent conduct and wrongful sexual contact; and seven specifications of violation of Article 134, adultery and misuse of official position.These charges are the result of an investigation by Air Force Office of Special Investigation agents that began in November 2009 after a junior enlisted female member came forth with allegations of sexual harassment.Gen. Donald Hoffman, the commander of AFMC, has elected to request transfer of this case to avoid any actual or perceived conflict of interest since Chief Gurney reported directly to him in his previous position. As a result, the case has been transferred from AFMC to Air Mobility Command officials for the administration of military justice."

Now sample a portion of the Dayton Daily News report today:

"Among the accusations:
Gurney, who is married, had sex with two of the technical sergeants, also married, and two of the master sergeants, also married. Adultery violates the Uniform Code of Military Justice, placed in a category of conduct that could be detrimental to the order and discipline of the armed forces, could damage morale or respect for authority, and could bring discredit to the armed forces.
Gurney had sex in the presence of a master sergeant, and repeatedly and deliberately made sexual remarks to the victims."

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