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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Adult Sex-Toy Retailer Teams Up With Cincinnati Bengals: Football 101 Seminar Sure To Create Buzz For Lady Fans

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Pure Romance has hooked up with Bengals' Coach Marvin Lewis to "explain the rules and nuances of football" to 400 women next month at Paul Brown Stadium. NFL players will be on hand to help the coach. I wonder if the seminar will get into a formation called the flexbone -- in football it means a play involving three running backs. Or a muff, as in mishandled punt. Will he discuss ballhandling skills? Coach Lewis says he's looking forward to a fun group of pupils. Here's some background about the event:

"The Cincinnati Bengals and the Marvin Lewis Community Fund (MLCF) will once again team up to host Football 101 presented by Pure Romance on Thursday, of the Bengals bye week at Paul Brown Stadium from 4:30 - 9:30 p.m. The event starts with a silent auction, Chinese raffle, dinner, drinks, door prizes and a live auction. Head Coach Marvin Lewis is joined by members of the Bengals’ coaching staff and players to explain the rules and nuances of football to the 400 attendees. Individuals learn the game in a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere. The event included hands-on demonstrations, video presentations, and VIP tours of the locker room, weight room, and playing field. The night ends with coffee, desserts and a the announcement of the Chinese raffle winners.

"I love teaching this game and I do not think I’ve met a more enthusiastic and fun group of pupils than the participants that attend Football 101,” said Coach Lewis. "I look forward to recognizing our Pink Football Award winner every year as it is an inspiration to myself and all the attendees.”

The link between an NFL team and an adult sex toy company brings up all kinds of possibilities, when it comes to common phrases that are tossed around on a football field. Think about being wide open, or a wide receiver. How about ball security? Or ball carrier? You could talk about crackbacks and hard counts. There is man coverage, long snappers, loose balls and live balls. We all know what a monster is. How about pump fakes? Run and shoot? Sacks, slots, snaps and touchbacks?

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