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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chris Monzel Wants To Sell Both Pro Sports Stadiums In Cincinnati: Oops! They're Already For Sale

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- The Hamilton County commissioners told The Daily Bellwether last winter they would sell Great American Ball Park, home of the Cincinnati Reds, and Paul Brown Stadium, home of the Cincinnati Bengals, if anybody wanted to buy. No one was interested, then or now. Today, Chris Monzel, a Republican Cincinnati City Council member running for a seat on the Hamilton County Commission, has raised the issue again. Monzel met with Cincinnati Enquirer reporters and editors and announced he "wants to sell the stadiums." The Enquirer treated this as a major campaign development that would fire up the debate. In truth, it's neither a new nor an out of the box development. Democratic Commissioner Todd Portune said the stadiums were for sale last February. It was in the Bellwether, where Portune noted anybody was welcome to make a bid, even the Chinese or Saudis. Monzel's Democratic opponent Jim Tarbell didn't have much to say. He probably knows there doesn't seem to be any buyers out there.

UPDATE: 9/17 2:42 PM -- Cincinnati Blog is accusing Monzel of pandering to his conservative base in the commission race. The piece has a link to Bellwether item about

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  1. I think that most Dems have a similar problem: the GOP keeps coming up with ideas that the Dems are already doing, but the press wants to stay "neutral". So, they say "Strickland says that Ohio is already doing this. Who's to say what the truth is?"

    It's very hard to figure out when something actually passes, because the "Dems want supply-side tax cuts story" reads the same as "Dems pass supply-side tax cuts" and the "GOP proposes supply-side tax cuts". However, there's never a "GOP blocks supply-side tax cuts" story, nor a "GOP proposes supply-side tax cuts that it's currently blocking" story.

    I mean, the real headline should have been "Monzel doesn't know what current Commission is even doing".