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Monday, September 20, 2010

Ohio Dem Polling Gives Kasich 'Important' Edge: Voters Think GOP Candidate Can Create New Jobs

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Democratic Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland is underwater in all polls, including his own. His pollster, Diane Feldman of The Feldman Group Inc., warned in an internal memo late last week [see document] that the race appears to be turning on Ohioans' views about who can create jobs. At the moment, Republican John Kasich has the edge on that score. Feldman wrote: "Virtually the only positive trait where Kasich leads is an important one -- that he will create jobs. The Strickland campaign must close that gap."

With Ohio's unemployment rate near 10 percent, with foreclosures battering all 88 counties, with recent college grads moving back in with their parents, with all the grim economic news, it is hard to see how Strickland can overturn the current perception that Kasich might be able to solve the state's job woes. Is it time for Ohio Democrats who work in the Strickland administration to have separation anxiety about their owns jobs? If Kasich wins, they'll be looking for work. Feldman isn't all gloom and doom -- she says Ohioans consider him honest and trustworthy and think he has the best interests of the middle class at heart. That is something to work with. And she offered some potential tactical guidance to Strickland's campaign: Tell voters more about companies that are adding jobs in Ohio, get the word out. Feldman said: "Voters who have heard about companies in their area expanding in the last six months support Strickland by 58 percent to 36 percent; those who have not heard of new or expanding industries in their area give Kasich a majority. We are not there year, but have a clear path to victory."

To help out, The Daily Bellwether is going to reprint this press release about a $5 million plant expansion now taking place in Cincinnati. An Italian company is adding jobs:

"Eurostampa North America (Eurostampa N.A.) will begin construction of a new, 70,000 sf modern commercial printing facility on a 6.8 acre site at 1440 Seymour Avenue in the Roselawn neighborhood. Eurostampa is a family-owned Italian printer of high quality labels for major and international companies in the following sectors: spirits, wine, chocolate, foodstuffs, beer, and water. The new facility will be the company’s North American headquarters and will serve their customers throughout the US, Mexico, and Canada. A few of their clients include names such as: Bacardi, Nutella, Bertolli, and Guinness.Eurostampa has a current employment of 49 and the company is projecting to employ a total of 79 people by the end of 2014. The company plans to invest approximately $5 million into the new facility.The company’s existing facilities are also in the Roselawn neighborhood. The new location will allow Eurostampa to centralize 3 existing leased facilities and remain in a familiar neighborhood for their employees and customers. The site also offers the company future opportunities for expansion by an additional 40,000 to 50,000 sf.Eurostampa purchased the site from the City of Cincinnati. The City had acquired the land from the Ohio Department of Mental Health for the purpose of business development. The company has received a Job Creation Tax Credit and a LEED CRA on the building from the City and the Ohio Department of Development as incentives to remain and grow their business within the City."

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