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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cincinnati Ad Guru Michel Keidel: This Year's Crop of Political Ads Deserve Your Contemp

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- He calls himself the admojo on his new blog. And he was a creative force who worked on some of Cincinnati's best-known spots -- those touting pizza from LaRosa's and chili from Skyline. He helped start Bockfest.  With 30 years in the business, Michel Keidel describes himself as sickened by the material politicians are putting on TV these days -- lies, distortions and endless attacks. The grime comes from all parties and all corners of the political spectrum, right and left, Dem and Repub.  The ads are uninspired downers.  They waste money and time and really don't add squat to civic discourse. Here's Keidel:

"There’s only one word for this season’s political advertising…despicable.  I consider my self an expert in the field because of my thirty years of experience building and supporting Cincinnati’s iconic brands. I have created award winning advertising for LaRosa’s Pizzerias, Gold Star Chili, Skyline, Hudepohl Schoenling, it’s a long list. Not one negative ad.

"When running a TV spot, I consider that I have been invited into my customer’s living rooms or with radio into their cars. I consider it an honor and not a place to shout or insult.  There’s nothing honorable about political advertising these days. What’s being played out in my living room is deplorable. The back biting, disclaimer riddled, lies and distortions are fatiguing and down right disgusting. Instead of running for an office and outlining their agenda, offering coherent solutions to the problems we all face, todays politicians use negative comparison approaches that literally turn off their constituents."

That's an expert opinion, and one from someone who says he's a Tea Party supporter.  I've heard a lot of the same from folks who see the same ads on TV.  They are turned off, and tuning out.  Americans have saved whales and rainforests.  They've fought to clean up the environment.  Maybe it's time to roll up our sleeves and save the political ad.    

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