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Friday, October 29, 2010

Cincinnati Bell Scores Win Over TimeWarner In Customer Service Survey: Beep! Beep! ZoomTown Blows Past RoadRunner

Survey: ZoomTown Beats RoadRunner
CINCINNATI (TDB) -- J.D. Power and Associates reports customers who use Cincinnati Bell's residential high-speed Internet service are more satisfied than those with RoadRunner, which is rated near the bottom in this region of the nation.  Of the 11 firms who provide high-speed service, TimeWarner, Comcast and Charter ranked worst.  Cincinnati Bell was rated second best after WOW!  J.D. Power said its annual study -- now in its 13th year -- measures customer satisfaction based on performance and reliability; cost, billing; offers and promotions, and customer service.  While the study offered good news for Cincinnati Bell -- the local company is beating all its major national competitors -- it contained bad news for Internet providers as a whole.  J.D. Powers said overall customer satisfaction "averages 634 on a 1,000 -point scale -- a decrease of five index points from 2009."

Here are the standings, by score, for this region:

1. WOW!               772
2. Cincinnati Bell   674
3. Cox                    671
4. AT&T                664
5. EarthLink          658
6. Insight                653
7. Verizon              642
8. CenturyLink      624
9. Time Warner Cable RoadRunner 620
10. Comcast         600
11. Charter            583

J.D. Power, which is best-known for car reviews and ratings, said its Internet service provider customer satisfaction study is based on responses from 29,847 customers nationwide.  It said they were surveyed between November 2009 and July 2010.  J.D. Power said ISP customers showed increasing dissatisfaction with the fairness of prices paid.  And there is difficulty in understanding pricing options.


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