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Friday, November 05, 2010

Boehner Family May Give Heartburn To More Than Dems: His Little Brother Dishing Cincinnati-Style Chili In Rural Georgia

Greg Boehner In Macon Telegraph Photo
 CINCINNATI (TDB) -- The GOP House leader's younger sibling, Greg, runs a couple of mom-and-pop eateries -- one is a cinder block joint -- outside Macon, Georgia.  They are not fancy places.  He's trying to introduce Cincinnati-style chili into a region where grits, pulled pork barbecue and banana cream pie are favorites and skyline means big buildings towering over Atlanta.  Three way?  That is something entirely different in the South than a Cincinnati chili restaurant.   If you ask a waitress for a three way in Georgia, you might get slapped and tossed in the street.  Or you might get a wink and have the time of your life.  Greg Boehner, 53, has been in Georgia longer than John has been in the House of Representatives.  His cafes are called the Front Porch.  He is one of 12 Boehners, and the only one who didn't stay in the Cincinnati area.  Jim Gaines, a writer at the Macon Telegraph, stopped by the Front Porch and found Greg Boehner working on drumming up interest in Cincinnati chili:

"The original Front Porch sports a few picnic tables and rough wooden steps on a street corner by the railroad tracks next door to Farmer Browns Odds & Ends & Stuff.  'Hi Joe,' Boehner called out Thursday afternoon from his perch at a Front Porch table.  Joe, a white-haired man walking a dog, stopped to make a salty comment about current House Speaker Nancy Pelosi."

You can read the story here. Greg Boehner has an Ohio State sign on the kitchen door, and it is pasted over a John Boehner political sticker.   Some Georgians have never forgiven Ohio's Gen. Sherman for marching through their state during the Civil War.  If Greg Boehner isn't just whistling Dixie, Cincinnati chili should go down easier.

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