"Mr. Sloat,

"Your blog posting from Nov. 13 was brought to my attention this morning. As you suspected, the Northern Kentucky University marketing office did not authorize an NKU ad to be included in 700WLW’s “Sexy Oil Spills” web feature. In fact, the university isn’t even currently advertising on 700WLW. The ad you saw was a free toss-in on an older advertising package for added value. We were unaware of it until your post.

"That does not make its appearance on the site acceptable. We have contacted the station and demanded that the ad immediately be pulled. We have also suspended all advertising with Clear Channel stations until we are both satisfied with an explanation as to how this occurred and are confident nothing like this will ever happen again.

"Thanks for bringing this to our attention. As you can imagine, we at NKU take our image very seriously and we are pursuing this vigorously.

"Chris Cole
Director of Media Relations and Communications
Northern Kentucky University"