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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Vice Mayor Roxanne Qualls To Court Clerk Patricia Clancy: About That $1 Million You Owe Cincinnati, Check Please!

When Can City Expect Funds From Clerk?
CINCINNATI (TDB) -- With the city facing a $60 million hole in its budget -- and 144 Cincinnati police officers facing the loss of their jobs -- Cincinnati Vice Mayor Roxanne Qualls is pressing the county court clerk's office to deliver forfeited bail bond funds owed the city.  Hamilton County Clerk of Courts Patricia M. Clancy, a Republican, said last month that at least $960,000 is uncollected and due the city police department under court orders.  Qualls, a Democrat and Charter Committee member, wrote Clancy back five days ago seeking a timetable that will detail exactly when Clancy's office will start delivering the money.  Some of the uncollected bail bond forfeitures date back to the 1990s.  Qualls said "there is money owed to the City of Cincinnati" and every cent is needed -- especially with cops looking at layoffs.  Qualls emphasized the urgency of her request.  There are records showing the county clerk has failed to collect forfeited bonds for years.  The money -- which is owed by defendants and bondsmen hit with forfeitures when criminal suspects dodge a court date -- is earmarked for distribution to prosecutors and law enforcement agencies.  Here's an excerpt from Qualls letter to Clancy:

"Your letter states that the City would be entitled to receive a portion of the bond forfeitures collected based upon certified judgments from bail bondsmen and their insurance carriers of $960,000.   The letter also says that your office has been working with the Hamilton County Prosecutor's office to collect on the certified judgments against bail bondsmen and their insurance carriers, and that you expect a successful resolution in the near future.  Is the $960,000 amount the total amount, or are their other forfeitures that will be determined through an audit?  Has the city ever received any funds based on certified judgments in the past?

I am requesting documents of the $960,000 in certified judgments, as well as what portion of the amount is due the city at this time, the amount of the collections, and a time frame for the Cincinnati Police Department (CPD) to expect the funds that are due it. . . I am sure you understand the urgency of this request since City Council will be making decisions about potential cuts to our public safety personnel over the coming weeks."


  1. What makes you think you'll get anything after all these years. She (Patty) is still letting those crooked bondsmen write more bad bonds and still not collecting monies owed for years. She is still helping them committ crimes everyday, when is something going to be done about that

  2. We sure could use the police officers that are going to be laid off. Hats off to Ms Henneke for exposing the dirty deeds done at the court house. I am sure there are more that could be exposed, but for now, we really could use the money to keep our police officers and firefighters working.

  3. are you talking about deb henneke's dirty deeds at the courthouse? Isn't she a convicted felon???